About Us

Eloina LeBuhn (Founder) brings several years of successful management, entrepreneurial and parenting experience in launching KidOrganics in addition to her passion for great food & good nutrition!   Eloina’s professional experience includes restaurant and retail management experience. An experienced and successful entrepreneur, Eloina started and ran a translation agency for 9 years, Global Language Network (GLN, Inc.) out of Cleveland, Ohio.

On the arrival of her first son, Eloina choose to focus on raising her children exclusively. One of her biggest ‘claims to fame’ among her circle of friends is that her children have never eaten a jar of baby food! – only home-made, fresh & smashed!

Her time raising children allowed her to provide the types of fresh and natural meals that KidO grew from, and appreciate the inherent challenges facing so many caring and busy parents today. Eloina recognized that she was at the center of an opportunity that aligned her values with a much larger societal needs that she could get truly passionate about! Thus, KidO Was Born!


KidO’s vision is to run a business that is responsible, fun, creative, fair and profitable. Where money is a fuel, not a goal; and where our vision and values for healthier kids, communities, and world finds expression through each and every lunchbox that we create.

KidO’s commitment to deliver fresh, healthy choices goes beyond the making healthy meals for children - we are equally committed to connect the children with their farmers and local food sources. We believe that our local and unprocessed focus to sourcing is beneficial to our environment, promotes our local economy and contributes to sustainable farming methods.  Besides, “local” taste better!

KidO Mission

KidO conveniently delivers meals daily with fresh, natural, local ingredients using the best principals of a balanced diet that aids children’s growth. 

KidO Partners


KidO makes children's favorite dishes without the "junk" or the processed-stuff. Fresh ingredients -- simple, delicious & good for you!

What's Kido?

"If you offer healthy foods, your children will have the chance to eat them. If you offer junk foods to your children, they will eat junk foods."

Marion Nestle

"Cooking is one of the most important health consequences of buying food from local farmers: for one thing, when you cook at home you seldom find yourself reaching for the ethoxylated diglycerides or high-fructose corn syrup."

Michael Pollan